Name of Company:
Tash Consulting Architects & Urban Planners
Managing Director: Ms. Engineer Latifeh Heiat
Founded on: 7 June 1993
Reg. No.: 97646

Types of Activity: Architecture; Urban Design; Urban Planning; Plan and Construction; Interior architecture, Translation and Research

Obtaining Qualification:

  1. State Management and Planning Organization: 1st grade residential, commercial, office, industrial and military buildings specialty; 2nd grade urban planning specialty; and 2rd grade urban design specialty; 2rd grade organizing and empowering specialty of deteriorated area and informal settlements; 3rd grade educational, sports, and healthcare buildings specialty.
  1. Ministry of Housing and urban planning - Engineering License for Artificial Persons: (1st rank)
  2. Ministry of Housing and Urban planning - Housing Mass Development License(1st grade)
  3. Urban Development & Revitalization Corporation - Qualification certificate of executive authorities for revival, revitalization and renovation plans of inefficient and deteriorated urban areas(3st rank)

Lines of Activities:
Urban planning: Preparation of comprehensive, leading, detailed plans, renovation and reconstruction of deteriorated area; preparation and urban design.
Architecture: Designing residential, office, commercial , health and religious buildings
Plan and Construction: Residential, office, and commercial buildings in Mashhad and Tehran
Translation and Research: Translating and publishing books, articles and papers on architecture and urban planning